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The Saint-Hubert Aerodrome has been home to the National Gliding Centre (le Centre national de vol à voile (CNVV)) for over fifty years. It offers scenic glider and motor glider flights as well as training leading to glider pilot certificates. The Aéro Club universitaire de Louvain, Aéro Club royal des Ardennes and Promoglide are clubs that also use the aerodrome.
  • The National Gliding Centre (Centre national de vol à voile (CNVV))

    Offers :
    • introductory glider flights,
    • motor glider,
    • glider pilot certificates (courses).
    Info :
    Contact : - +32 (0)61 61 12 68

  • Clubs and private individuals

    The aerodrome hosts several clubs and private persons practising gliding, aerobatics or recreational aviation in Saint-Hubert.