Saint-Hubert AirportSaint-Hubert Aerodrome

Saint-Hubert Aerodrome

has many strengths that should secure a long-term future:
  • it is located in an uncontrolled airspace, unlike most surrounding areas. This is a much sought-after feature for recreational aviation and particularly for gliding;
  • it benefits from a favorable aeorology for activities such as gliding, which explains the numerous clubs that are established on the site. It also hosts the annual Belgian Championships for this sport;
  • it is located in the heart of a popular touristic region, the Ardennes, between the valleys of the Ourth, Semois and Lesse, and is associated with a town that has a high-profile reputation;
  • it is located in an outstanding natural environment, on a plateau shared by vast forests and wetlands (mire, bog, etc.). The many statutes (Natura 2000, wetlands of biological interest, state nature reserves, etc.) that protect the environment near the site are testimony to its importance.
  • ­the various on-site activities and operators contribute to its appeal: a hotel-restaurant-brasserie, an aircraft maintenance and repair facility, and clubs active in training and organising events, incentives and activities for visitors.
The three axes of reorganisation
  1. Increase the aeronautic dynamic and therefore aircraft movements, by supporting existing activities and actors and fostering the generation of new activities and operators.
  2. Make the aerodrome a ­tool for developing tourism in line with its area of activities (events, accommodation, recreation, etc.).
  3. Develop economic activity, creating added value and employment related to aviation in order to complement current activities.